Does This Sound Painfully Familiar?

Do you have sleepless nights over your finances?

Have you fallen into the debt trap and can’t seem to find your way out?

Do you keep telling yourself that you will start saving when your finances improve, but never start?

Do you live paycheck to paycheck, but find more money goes out than comes in?

Do you believe that you are not good with numbers and incapable of managing money well?

Are you ready to transform your relationship with money but don’t know where to start?

I’m Marnita Oppermann. I’m a Money Coach. My own challenges led me on a search that gifted me with the opportunity to be coached by and learn from some top wealth teachers both in South Africa and in the US.

Now, after radically transforming my own relationship with money, I’m excited to share the wisdom, strategies, tools and resources I’ve learnt with you.

More than a business, this is my heartfelt passion. I am committed to helping you have a harmonious relationship with money and shift from fear and scarcity to confidence and abundance.

Together, we can produce measurable results!

If you’ve tried everything else without the results you want, you’ve come to the right place.

The Money Coaching programme is simple, and it gives you a place to start without being overwhelmed. Talking about money is personal and can be emotional, which is why working one-on-one with me at an easy, moderate pace offers you just the right amount of support and encouragement.


Money Coaching is a powerful partnership that helps you:

  • Find peace of mind and harmony
  • Reduce worry and stress
  • Experience a deeper trust of life
  • Increase your confidence with money
  • Operate from a place of abundance rather than scarcity
  • Address your fear of losing what you have
  • Not link your self-esteem to your bank account
  • Play a bigger game
  • Shift your limiting beliefs
  • Create more joy and fulfillment in your life
  • Cultivate what sustains and nurtures you
  • Assist you to transition from a life that’s not working to one that is
  • Help you create a blueprint for your relationship with money
  • See what is hidden, remove the blinders and break through repetitive patterns

About Marnita Oppermann

I have a degree in Business Administration, and a CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting, six years international experience as a Fixed Asset, Budget and Management Accountant and two years as a Senior Consultant for a Big 4 global accounting firm.

However, despite being a successful accountant, in early 2015 I found myself drowning in debt. Resorting to even more debt, after expenses and repayments, left me spinning in a vicious circle with nothing to live on…



” Marnita is a powerful transformational coach, both with her great enormous kindness and crystal-clear insight. She has enabled me to see through a lifetime of dysfunctional behaviour with money, so I can finally walk my path in the right direction. Not least, Marnita brought a fresh and uplifting feeling to our sessions. I can only recommend working with her! “

Beate Willma

Classical Musician and Transformational Coach

” Through a series of remarkable and synchronistic coincidences, I had the privilege of meeting and working with Marnita. It has been a profound and deeply insightful experience. Her wealth of knowledge, warmth and clarity brought so much awareness around my relationship with money, my past behaviours and my current fears and dysfunctions. I cannot recommend this journey highly enough! “

Desiree-Anne Martin

Addiction Counsellor / Group Facilitator / Consultant

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